Success in the Graphis Awards

For this year’s Graphis photography awards, Charlescannon won gold in the ‘Annual Photography’ category.

The award-winning set was the ‘24Hours’ series, art directed by Emmanuel Crettenand and shot by our photographers Ben Pankhurst and Jason Joyce over a series of weeks around the world. “This is the perfect showcase of how a strong concept works across many different locations and themes and a true example of a Charlescannon team effort” said Ben. The photos aim to capture the story of an entire day in a vibrant location in a single photo – aiming to demonstrate in an annual report the quality and around-the-clock service of one of our clients, SGS. The project was challenging in many respects, such as taking an image every hour on the hour, the pre and post-production, but perhaps most challenging of all: staying awake around the clock to operate the cameras! “Leaving the comfort of my celebrity filled studio was tough at first but I quickly adapted to the extreme conditions, nocturnal hours and wild animals. I always say I’d do whatever it takes to get the shot, here’s the proof,” said Jason. The ‘24hours’ project shows how the Charlescannon team works – “Business Flair, Creative Acumen and Productive Fun”.

Graphis Entry

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