Branding opens the door before you arrive?

A great brand is...

…more than just a catchy slogan, a nice colour palette and a cool logo. It sends a message about your identity. It gives people an insight into your vibe, purpose, mission, product and values. It is something for customers to identify with and for employees to rally around. 

Brand Attraction

How do you build (or rebuild) a brand from scratch? You start by working out what makes your business unique. Charlescannon’s Brand Attraction Model combines the power of attraction with the psychology of branding and aligns all the parts of a brand to establish a focused brand positioning.

Brand identity

If you already know your brand positioning and target audience you can start to get creative. This is where your colour scheme, typography, logo, key messages, slogan and overall look and feel can be developed to the full.  Our integrated team of writers, designers, developers, photographers and videographers can produce it all. 

Brand assets

If you already have the fundamentals in place you’re ready to develop brand assets such as posters, videos, social media posts, photography, websites, brochures, flyers, business cards, stationary etc. We can support you with all of these individual assets and help you to launch fully co-ordinated campaigns. Our strategic team can help you identify exactly what you need to get up and running for your budget.

Brand voice

The perfect logo will never say it all. Every touchpoint you have with the world is part of branding. Managing consistency from #hashtags to what employees say about their jobs – is no piece of cake, but we love it. And in this exciting, purpose-driven world of today, your brand voice has never been more critical.

Brand guidelines

To ensure consistency, many organisations develop brand guidelines, toolkits, messaging houses or full playbooks, including all of the above. These can then be shared with other agencies and staff to protect and enhance your brand identity forever. We can help you develop approachable and comprehensive guidelines to protect and advance your brand.